About Us

Madhwa Sakha is a web portal that is designed to provide information on all basic requirement for Dharma Anushtana by a Madhwa.  The main objective is to consolidate all related information in one platform and add value to it with the help of experts in our Madhwa community.

The information provided is aimed at making it easy for people to find their requirement through various search options.  Madhwa Sakha provides information on various topics that are ultimately useful for several Madhwas across the world on a day-to-day basis. 

Access to information helps in practicing the Madhwa Philosophy and in increasing the quality of life.  Madhwa Sakha strives to be a platform that assist people in this direction.  Information is gathered and verified to the best possible extent through the help of various sources before being posted in Madhwa Sakha.

An advisory team overseas the activities of Madhwa Sakha.  Various committees have been formed to bring accurate and updated information to the Users.  Madhwa Sakha also has a group of volunteers who have come forward to be part of this journey.

Madhwa Sakha was conceptualized by a group of likeminded Madhwas in 2015 but ultimately saw the light only in 2021.


To provide information to the Madhwa Community and be a source for them in leading a divine way of life.

Advisory Team

  1. Sri Prakash K. Krishnagiri, Chennai
  2. Sri Gopalakrishnan N., Chennai
  3. Sri Jayatheertha B.R.  Bengaluru
  4. Sri Sathiya Narayanan R., Chennai
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