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Welcome to Madhwa Sakha, a web portal developed by 7i Technology and Solutions. Our platform is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on all aspects of Dharma Anushtana for Madhwa followers. Our platform aims to consolidate and enhance the knowledge available to our community by bringing together various experts and resources.

We understand the importance of easy access to relevant information, which is why Madhwa Sakha offers a user-friendly interface with multiple search options. Our website covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to Madhwas worldwide, addressing their day-to-day needs.

By facilitating access to information, we strive to enable the practice of Madhwa Philosophy and enhance the overall quality of life. To ensure accuracy and reliability, our team meticulously gathers and verifies information from diverse sources before publishing it on Madhwa Sakha.

To oversee our activities and maintain the highest standards, we have an esteemed advisory team in place. Additionally, we have established various committees dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information to our users. Our efforts are further supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who have enthusiastically joined us on this journey.

We welcome you to explore Madhwa Sakha and utilize the wealth of knowledge it offers to enrich your spiritual journey.


Our mission is to provide the Madhwa Community with a reliable source of information, assisting them in leading a divine way of life.

Advisory Team

  1. Sri Prakash K. Krishnagiri, Chennai
  2. Sri Gopalakrishnan N., Chennai
  3. Sri Jayatheertha B.R., Bengaluru
  4. Sri Sathiya Narayanan R., Chennai
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